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The Doggy Thunder Shirt... A Solution To Your Dog's Fear of Thunder and Fireworks!

  It is a dark and stormy night, thunder cracks in the air. For most, it is just another thunderstorm. It is loud and can be a little scary, but it is just another storm. Or... it's the Fourth of July! Everyone is sitting out on their picnic blankets and lawn chairs watching the beautiful swarm of lights crackling overhead. Both these instances are loud, but mostly manageable... for us.  But for dog owners, it is a totally different ball game. A dog's heightened senses make regular noises from thunder to fireworks to loud trucks, seem so much louder. Seeing the fear in their eyes and the scared shaking is always so difficult. We do everything we can to comfort...

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Dog Habits to Nip in the Butt Now!

  When dog's are puppies, they do the cutest things that make you awe for them. Those big puppy eyes are so hard to resist, so most pet owners give in to practically everything.  When our puppies' beg, we give them food. When they dig in the dirt, we smile. It's human nature. Puppies are so darn cute, that we can't resist the urge to give them anything and everything. However, being that I used to struggle with this myself, some of these cute actions they partake in and we awe at, are bad behaviors that should be nipped in the butt when they're young. Below I list five common dog bad habits and how to break them!   Begging...

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe In the Heat?

  Summer is here and the temperature is heating up fast! When we think of Summer we think of, warm weather, swimming, no school, and outdoor fun! And for dog owners, usually that means longer walks, frequent hikes, or just more outdoor time! However, the heat can actually be hazardous for dogs if the right precautions aren't taken. Remember! They are covered in hair!  Today we are going to be talking about ways that you and your furry friend can have fun in the sun, while also staying safe!   1) Make sure they always have access to water! This is a big one! Hydration is key to a dog's safety since they are much more prone to heat stroke!...

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When Should I Brush My Dog's Teeth?

Dog's are the best! They are the sweetest animals going, give the best hellos, and are just insanely adorable. But, sometimes handling their hygiene can be a bit of a hassle when they figure out what your up to. One of those being, brushing their teeth. Every dog owner knows that brushing your dog's teeth is never an easy task. They like to squirm and run away from your scary brush! That being said, we then tend to slack off carrying out this task!  However, doing so can be really harmful for your dog's teeth! It can cause gum disease in over 80% of dog's by the age of three! So, let's try to prevent that!  By brushing your dog's...

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What is Your Dog Saying to You?

Have you every wondered what your dog would say to you if they could talk? Well, they talk to you more often then you would think! Happy stretches, barks, stares, tail wags... those are all ways that your dog is communicating to you! And sometimes what they are saying, is not what you'd expect!  Stares: When your pup is staring at you, some may think that they are just being creepy, but really it's because they want your attention! This occurs with most dogs, low and high maintenance. So, when you see your dog staring at you, go give them a hug! Hanging Out A Car Window: If you have a dog, then you've definitely seen this one! When your...

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