How to Keep Your Dog Safe In the Heat?

How to keep your dog safe in the heat


Summer is here and the temperature is heating up fast! When we think of Summer we think of, warm weather, swimming, no school, and outdoor fun! And for dog owners, usually that means longer walks, frequent hikes, or just more outdoor time!

However, the heat can actually be hazardous for dogs if the right precautions aren't taken. Remember! They are covered in hair! 

Today we are going to be talking about ways that you and your furry friend can have fun in the sun, while also staying safe!


1) Make sure they always have access to water!

This is a big one! Hydration is key to a dog's safety since they are much more prone to heat stroke!

2) Offer your dog several ways to cool off!

Keep an extra fan lying around, so they can cool off on a hot day, put ice cubes in their water bowls, or even offer them a cool treat.

3) NEVER leave your dog alone inside a car!

Leaving your dog alone inside a car can be harmful or even life threatening for them. Even if the windows are open a crack, the inside of a car can still heat up to well over 100 degrees.

4) Take your dog on walks in the morning or evening!

During the Summer, the morning and the evening are the coolest times of day. So, walking your dog during these times are much safer for them.

5) Avoid hot sidewalks!

If a sidewalk is too hot for you to walk barefoot on, then it is probably too hot for your dog to walk on. Especially during hot weather, steer clear of sidewalks and stay on grass or dirt paths.

6) Keep your dog's hair trimmed!

Make sure their hair doesn't get long during hotter months. It's like people wearing a Winter coat in July! 


Each of these tips are extremely important to your dog's safety, especially when trying to prevent heat stroke! During the hotter months, watch for signs of heat stroke, like panting, drooling, salivating, agitation, restlessness, vomiting, or even if it sounds like they're having trouble breathing.

The Summer is fun, but remember, safety is always important for both you and your furry friend!

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