The Doggy Thunder Shirt... A Solution To Your Dog's Fear of Thunder and Fireworks!

Doggy Thunder Shirt


It is a dark and stormy night, thunder cracks in the air. For most, it is just another thunderstorm. It is loud and can be a little scary, but it is just another storm. Or... it's the Fourth of July! Everyone is sitting out on their picnic blankets and lawn chairs watching the beautiful swarm of lights crackling overhead.

Both these instances are loud, but mostly manageable... for us. 

But for dog owners, it is a totally different ball game.

A dog's heightened senses make regular noises from thunder to fireworks to loud trucks, seem so much louder. Seeing the fear in their eyes and the scared shaking is always so difficult. We do everything we can to comfort them. From cuddles to treats to butt rubs, but nothing seems to work... until now.


We are not promoting this product to collect your money like most. We are informing you of something so extraordinary for your dog's. It is so, unimaginably, helpful.

The Doggy Thunder Shirt is a comfortable vest that fits around the mid-section of your dog, while providing gentle pressure. It is anxiety reducing, calming, and a life-saver for both you and your dog. I've personally learned how helpful these shirts are for them! 

I have a Golden Doodle named Caesar. Here he is!

 Doggy Thunder Shirt

Being that we personally, deal with this issue, we knew that we couldn't just keep this to ourselves. It is an amazing product and will provide so much relief for your pup. 

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