What is Your Dog Saying to You?

What is my dog saying

Have you every wondered what your dog would say to you if they could talk? Well, they talk to you more often then you would think! Happy stretches, barks, stares, tail wags... those are all ways that your dog is communicating to you! And sometimes what they are saying, is not what you'd expect! 


When your pup is staring at you, some may think that they are just being creepy, but really it's because they want your attention! This occurs with most dogs, low and high maintenance. So, when you see your dog staring at you, go give them a hug!

Hanging Out A Car Window:

If you have a dog, then you've definitely seen this one! When your dog is hanging out of a car window with their tongue hanging out and smiling, then they are excited  and taking in new surroundings and scents.

Loving Gazes:

A dog's eyes do a lot of the talking! Studies have shown that when a dog lingering gazes at you, they are saying I love you!

Raised Eyebrows:

Most people don't know this but when you see your dog with raised eyebrows, usually the left one more than the right, they feel connected to you. This is a special form of I love you!

Walking With Their Head Held High and Ears Up:

This may be obvious, but when your dog is walking around with their head held high and their ears up, it means they are happy! They will start initiating social interaction and make us smile.


Barking is a complicated action. There can be multiple reasons behind their barks. When your dog is barking, it can be for excitement, begging you for something like a treat or a walk, or it can be a sign of anger and protection!

Dogs are special animals! All their actions have a purpose and are ways of communication. Listen to them, react to them, and love them the way they love you!



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