When Should I Brush My Dog's Teeth?

Dog's are the best! They are the sweetest animals going, give the best hellos, and are just insanely adorable. But, sometimes handling their hygiene can be a bit of a hassle when they figure out what your up to. One of those being, brushing their teeth.

Every dog owner knows that brushing your dog's teeth is never an easy task. They like to squirm and run away from your scary brush! That being said, we then tend to slack off carrying out this task! 

However, doing so can be really harmful for your dog's teeth! It can cause gum disease in over 80% of dog's by the age of three! So, let's try to prevent that! 

By brushing your dog's teeth on a daily basis, you will keep them healthy and prevent any further diseases, bad breath, and tooth decay. I know, teeth brushing is a hassle but just think, you are keeping your dog happy and healthy!

Moreover, annual professional cleanings are recommended as your dog get's older! But, brushing their teeth between the ages of eight and sixteen weeks is critical for their health.

So, in the end, as a dog owner I understand the hassle of brushing their teeth. But, just see how beneficial it is for your furry friend, which makes it all worth it in the end.

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